Sunday, 4 March 2018

April 15th field trip to Stanton Harcourt Stone Circle

Our April field trip, this month on the day before our meeting, rather than the week after, on April 15th is to Stanton Harcourt Stone Circle near Standlake in Oxfordshire. This is a reconstructed stone circle, positioned on the edge of a landfill site. Please don’t be discouraged, there is much of interest!

Meet at 1030am at SP409045 a small car park. You must travel from the B4449 road. Follow the signs to the Recycling Centre - it’s quite a long road, passing several waste sites. Finally you will see the main recycling centre on the right hand side of the road. Follow the road round to the left and park in a small gravel area. It is a walk of around 450m on flat ground from there to the stone circle.

There is at least one energy line (I think two) at the circle and it will be interesting to dowse those. Also, we can look at the placement of the stones and see if there are any missing or any in the wrong place! We should also be able to verify that it is working as a stone circle does. I have not yet investigated the centre of the circle, but if the guardian is agreeable, perhaps we may.

Following our visit to the circle, if anyone would like to have some lunch, I suggest we decamp to Faringdon which should be on the way home for most people. There is a wide variety of facilities and lunch opportunities available there, including the Rookery, where we did our map dowsing session. We might do some map dowsing there to see where the energy lines which we encountered run. And if anyone would like to do any more dowsing, it’s a short walk to the top of Folly Hill at Faringdon where there is plenty of interest. 

I hope you will come along as although I have visited the circle several times now, it will be very interesting to have others’ perspective on it. If you have any questions before the day, please email me ( or on the day phone my mobile, which is shown in the Wyvern Dowsing Society newsletter

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